I am excited to be working on a new story, Quantum Law. Before I go on to tell you about it, I encourage you to sign up for your free copy of the first episode, Prime Decision (read more about it).

Quantum Law: Containment, out now!

Quantum Law: Containment (book 1), by Eduardo Suastegui
In a society where artificial intelligence runs the judicial system, courts run efficiently, the poor get equal justice, human bias disappears, and law and order prevails because everything runs according to flawless logic… Or so the story goes…

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Quantum Law: Resettlement, preorder now…

Quantum Law: Resettlement (book 2), by Eduardo Suastegui
Coming home may seem natural and fair to the millions whose homes the Quantum Law Ministry confiscated during The Crisis. But will Jerry Simmons be able to advocate their claims against a system whose hard logic says otherwise?

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Books 1 & 2, Quantum Law, by Eduardo Suastegui

Quantum Law, a legal science fiction thriller about logical, flawless law with equal, efficient justice for all…

Jerry Simmons graduated from law school at the top of his class. But his world had little use for him. After a major retrofit to the judicial system, the Quantum Law Ministry has ushered an age of true equal justice of all–not only equal, but logical, predictable, accurate, and efficient. With artificial intelligence-driven officers of the court, human lawyers and judges don’t play much of a role in this world. Not unless defendants insist on it. And Jerry’s latest client did. Standing accused of terrorist acts against the Quantum Law system, he requests Jerry by name. This request thrusts Jerry into the middle of dangerous controversy, conspiracy, and a budding revolution.

Thanks to feedback from one of my Beta readers, I decided that Quantum Law needed to be told in at least two novel-length stories. After feverishly working to rework the stories (and with more help from my Beta readers!), I released both books mid-to-late summer 2016. Will there be a third book? Well, my imaginative juices definitely want it so! Stay tuned for future announcements, and if you haven’t already…

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