Sample chapters and excerpts from Novels I’ve published or pitching to the usual suspects.

Getting Ready to Roll Out My New ‘El Vasco’ Series

As I wrote recently, to get myself out of the writing doldrums, I dove into a new (for me) genre. After a long blog hiatus (and more writing doldrums), I am checking back to let you know that two stories are rolling out to my Beta readers in very short order! The first story, Gold […]

Feral is Free This Weekend

Just wanted to let my readers know that Feral, the Our Cyber World prequel, will be free at the Kindle store this weekend. If you haven’t checked it out yet, run over there and download yourself a copy!

Confetti Time: Quantum Law, Book 2 Released!

As promised, Quantum Law: Resettlement, book 2 of the Quantum Law series, is now released. If you haven’t gotten started yet on book 1, Quantum Law: Containment, it’s time to catch up! To celebrate this release, I’m continuing my Quantum Law: Containment print book giveaway. If you haven’t already, sign up before the giveaway elapses. […]

Quantum Law: Containment, Book Giveaway

To celebrate its recent release, I am giving away copies of Quantum Law: Containment. How many copies? Well, however many it takes to raffle off one copy for every ten (10) folks that sign up. And when you enter, you will also be signed up for our Reader’s Club, which will also get you future […]

Trying my Hand at a Western Novel–and Loving It!

When was the last time you did something for the first time? I probably have heard that question before. But hearing it this week, it felt fresh. It also held special meaning given how my writing has progressed of late. Feeling a tad stale and burned out with my established series, a while back I […]

New Release ~ Quantum Law: Containment

I am happy to report that the first book in my new Quantum Law series is now out in the wild, both in eBook and Print formats. As my Reader’s Club peeps already know (hint, hint), I am offering Quantum Law: Containment at a promotional price for just this weekend, which means, yes, today is […]

#VOTMNews: A Quantum Adventure in Sci-Fi Storytelling

With much relief, I am happy to report Encisis Strike, my newest Sci-Fi story, is now through its first draft! Boy, it was hard to get that ending down. Even though I knew exactly where the story would end, final twists and all, arriving there in words proved rather daunting. But it’s done. I’ve been […]

#SaturdayScenes: Wounded Honor (Tracking Jane), Part 6

The problem with this hearing, as Candice explained during strategy sessions back home, comes from divergent agendas. Usually, she recounted, one party favors the witness while the other attacks it. Unfortunately for me, I’ll likely get it from both sides. On the one hand, those on the left, not too keen on the nasty behind-the-scenes […]

#SaturdayScenes: Wounded Honor (Tracking Jane), Part 5

The gentleman nods, smiles some more, and this time I could swear he does wink at me. Will have to check the footage later. Looking forward to it already. “I saw you visited Arlington this morning,” the senator says, affecting a more serious expression. “A moving ceremony, I must say.” He pauses, and here I […]

I Pressed Publish, and Wounded Honor Came Out!

As promised, Wounded Honor, the seventh book in the Tracking Jane series, is out today! You can grab the print or eBook version from an online store near you. If you haven’t read the preceding episodes in Jane’s saga, you can also pick those up from the same source. Or, if you’re the more deliberate […]