Thank you for visiting my site. Of all the great content out there, you chose to review mine, and I hope to make it worth your time. For the last decade and most actively in the last year, I’ve embarked on a journey to turn into words the stories streaming through my imagination. This journey would not be complete without you the reader. I write for your edification and enjoyment. My writing is not complete until it connects with you.

Eduardo Suastegui, author of the Our Cyber World seriesI hope you can tag along with me on this fun ride! How? You can stay tuned in through my blog, or follow me on Google+ and Twitter. If you really want to come along in this journey, however, I recommend you join our Readers Club. More than any other means, it will keep you posted on future releases and more often than you’d think, a giveaway of one of my books.

Now, if you don’t mind, let me do a little bragging–OK, let’s call it, sharing–of my work to date. I have written and continue to work on two series, Our Cyber World (click to learn more) and Tracking Jane (click to learn more), along with two short story collections under the Voice of the Mute Tales banner. All of these are available through my Amazon Author page, or by clicking the book cover in the slide show on this page (see it scrolling on the right?).

I leave you with the obligatory–and OK, probably boring, because, you know, it’s in third person–author blurb. Again, I hope you can join me in my writing journey. I can promise that though it may be bumpy, I’ll work hard to make it fun!

The obligatory Author Blurb

Eduardo Suastegui, author of the Our Cyber World seriesEduardo Suastegui has loved to daydream since he was a child. With formal education in math and science, affirmed through hands-on engineering experience in designing, building, and integrating gadgets of varying complexity, that daydreaming fed technological innovation. On the side, it also fueled artistic expression.

Of late that daydreaming has engendered stories about hackers, rogue AIs, and space travel, with more than a few stories about a dog trainer and her military K9s sprinkled in. Rumor has it he may even have a Western or two in him.

Eduardo loves to dive into fast-flowing, character-driven stories. With each of the books he reads or writes, he hopes to continue that adventure. For him, a great story is one that moves ahead, but which also moves you. More than anything, through his writing he hopes to connect with readers and so share a piece of himself with those who pick up all that daydreaming turned into written words.

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…and I also do a little photography

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