Monthly Archives: May 2016

A Day To Reflect About Those Who Sacrificed For Us

Before we enjoy an extra day off, or take advantage of a sale, let us reflect about the great sacrifice many have laid on the altar of freedom. For more background on this quote, refer to the Lincoln-Bixby letter.

Review: A Facet for The Gem, by C.L. Murray

What happens when evocative writing and compelling storytelling collide and fuse together? You get a powerhouse novel like C.L. Murray‘s A Facet For The Gem, a tale unfolding in a generously described and developed world. We enter this world through Morlen’s viewpoint. We find him struggling to make his way among people who have rejected […]

#VOTMNews: A Quantum Adventure in Sci-Fi Storytelling

With much relief, I am happy to report Encisis Strike, my newest Sci-Fi story, is now through its first draft! Boy, it was hard to get that ending down. Even though I knew exactly where the story would end, final twists and all, arriving there in words proved rather daunting. But it’s done. I’ve been […]