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A Year End Review That Sounds Like Thanksgiving

As I write another year end review, I can easily take the usual route: enumerate how many books I’ve released, tally how many more readers have joined my Reader’s Club, perhaps even brag about how my book sales have grown. These represent the often obvious ways in which we measure success, and even the metrics […]

#VOTMNews: Random Origins, Free Kindle Promotion

Over the next few days, thru December 27th, Random Origins will be free at the Kindle store. Grab your copy while supplies last!

#VOTMNews: Virtual Identity First Draft… Complete!?

Dear Reader, Last night, I finished the second draft of Virtual Identity. Not happy with the ending in the first draft, I more or less disposed of the last fourth of the story and wrote a new ending. I’m still not entirely sure about the ending–the new one–but it does strike me as a stronger […]

#SaturdayScenes: Heart Track sample from chapter 1

With the kids in bed, a little after 8:40 PM, Dan and I sit in the living room. He’s reading a summary report Tina left us. I read it from front-to-back in detail while the kids had lunch. But I suppose Dan doesn’t want the summary version given as to how I tend to overdo […]

The next Tracking Jane episode is here

I am pleased to announce that Heart Track is now available for purchase both in eBook (Kindle) and print formats. This story presented me with some unique challenges, which makes it all the more rewarding how it turned out. Again, I want to thank those loyal readers who reviewed advanced copies and shared their impressions […]

#SaturdayScenes: Heart Track, Episode 6 of the Tracking Jane series

“Paco!” It’s the third time I call out his name, and as much as I’ve tried to restrain my frustration, my voice grows more anguished with each shout. Not a good time for him to disappear on me. Not a good time for me to come across like I’ve lost control of the situation. Not […]

#VOTMNews: Heart Track Release Set for December 18

After a busy sprint to the finish, I can now say for sure that Heart Track will become available on December 18, both in Kindle and Print formats. This episode will present us with yet another turning point in Jane’s life, one where she will face her personal past to undertake the hardest track of […]

Reflections on a Life Well-Lived

The lady many of us came to love as Mom, Grandma, and Gigi was born in Chicago as Eleanor Irene Wyas in May 1923 to her parents Peter and Mary. Eleanor was the eldest of six brothers and sisters: Ray, Charlie, Margaret, Jimmy, and Harold. She grew up in Chicago until, at age thirteen, in […]

#VOTMNews: Next Two Episodes of Tracking Jane Closer to Release

I am happy to report that this week has yielded some nice progress for the next two Tracking Jane episodes, Heart Track and Wounded Honor. First, I am really pleased with the feedback I’ve received from my Heart Track Beta readers. They’ve submitted a wealth of useful inputs, most of which I have incorporated. This […]