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What is Your Personal Signal to Noise Ratio?

In signal processing speak, you want your noise floor low, and your signal high and strong. And yes, before we go on, I am a bit of a techno-geek. OK, more than a bit. But see? Those last two sentences were noise. Not on topic. If I kept going on that tangent too long, you […]

How Grandma Eleanor Blessed Me

Most folks who lose a loved one struggle to share their thoughts. In the midst of sorrow, self-reflection often trumps self-expression. In my case, I have no choice. When asked to stop preaching about Jesus, Peter said he couldn’t stop speaking about the things he had seen and heard. When it comes to Grandma’s role […]

#SaturdayScenes: Decisive Moment, The Sniper-Photographer

Once you dive headlong into photography and practice it without pause for a while, you start seeing and observing the world differently. Things your mind would filter out or ignore as noise pop into view. Because that’s a big part of photography, seeing what others miss, noticing the little things, the possibilities. Things that don’t […]

Happy Thanksgiving from the Suasteguis!

Running around to get ready for hosting our family this Thanksgiving it’s easy to forget to… well… reflect on our blessings and give thanks. I pray that you and your loved ones will enjoy a terrific time today! I leave you with some images from our prep efforts…

What Do Tracking Jane and #NaNoWriMo Have in Common?

For the last two years I’ve skipped NaNoWriMo. It’s not because I’m opposed to having a National November Writing Month, and certainly I don’t disdain writing fifty thousand words in thirty days. It’s just a matter that I write at my own pace, and if I happen to be editing in November, or if I […]

#SaturdayScenes: Missing Shadow, a Tracking Jane Short Story

What’s worst? A gal that walks ungainly and unsteady on prosthetic legs, or a dog that can’t track reliably? Hard to answer. As I lean down to get a sense of whether my dog, Shady, stands ready to take on her assignment, the undercover police officers behind me are wondering, too. “Are we good?” one […]

Tracking Jane, Episodes 6 & 7 Cover Reveals

Update: a big thank to all of you who sent me feedback via email and social media. Based on your inputs, I’ve tweaked the two final (well, almost) covers to the versions you see here. How do you think they compare to the draft versions? Original Post Now that Heart Track is in the hands […]

Poll Update: Tracking Jane vs. Our Cyber World

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a poll asking for your preferences between the two series I am writing. I wanted to give you an update on the results so far: In case you haven’t voted yet, before I close this poll, I wanted to give you a chance to let me know what […]

What Faulty Plumbing Might Teach Us About Immigration

You just returned from a two week vacation. As soon as you enter your house, your feet slosh-splash into two inches of water. Oh, no! Your plumbing has sprung a leak! What is the first thing you do (after the weeping and gnashing of teeth)? Spend months (maybe longer, to get it right!) designing better […]

#SaturdayScenes: King’s Sacrifice, part 1

Bogdan Mendez seldom raised his eyes from the chessboard. But he did now when he saw her step out and prop herself against the broad trunk of a nearby leafless tree. What did she want with him? It had been, what? Ten, twelve years? Bogdan shrugged. The boy across from him didn’t notice. Eyes fixed […]