Monthly Archives: December 2014

Why Another Indie Author Year End Review?

Why do a year end review? Primarily because I have a lot to be thankful for. Which is code for: I have a lot of people to thank. Since I started this self-publishing ride at the end of April, the eight months that followed have yielded a number of stories and, more importantly, reader encounters […]

Beisbol Libre steps up to the plate

Today Beisbol Libre got its release at the Kindle store. As the fifth Our Cyber World book, you can enjoy it on its own, without the need to read previous books in the series, or if you must, read DEAD BEEF (book 1, free) to build up to it. Here’s a brief synopsis for Beisbol […]

Review: Old Hickory Lane by DL Keur, penned as EJ Reuk

Good stories entertain. Exceptional story-telling transports you to new, unfamiliar worlds and gets you to care for its characters, their struggles inspiring you to overcome your own. If you’re after pure entertainment, Old Hickory Lane may at times disappoint. If you seek a smart, engaging story, you should read DL Keur‘s tale. Set in Cedar […]

Why doesn’t Joy come with an Easy Button?

This time of year, this word gets thrown around a lot. Joy. But why do so many of us struggle to achieve it? Well, for one thing, it doesn’t come with an easy button. Why? Well, primarily because we don’t come with an easy button. But don’t you wish Joy stood an easy button press […]

Where do story ideas come from?

Where do authors get story ideas? We can draw from many sources: the news, people we meet, injustices we see or experience first hand, and perhaps even other works of fiction. For me, it usually boils down to what stirs my heart. Recently someone asked me where in the world I got the idea for […]

Get a preview of Brownie, episode 4 of the Tracking Jane series

Can’t wait to get a head start on Brownie, episode 4 of the Tracking Jane series, coming out next Tuesday, Dec 23? Well, you’re in luck. Click on this book cover thumbnail to get a preview copy. While you’re here, I encourage you to sign up or my mail list to get announcements of future […]

Are you a damaged reader?

Have you ever wondered how such a poorly told story could be such a blockbuster bestseller? Have you struggled to arrive at the end of chapter 2, finally setting a book aside as hopeless, and asked yourself how so many of your friends can recommend it so highly? It’s happened to me, and if like […]

New releases for ‘Our Cyber World’ and ‘Tracking Jane’ coming…

Why am I releasing two books from two different series on or about the same time? Insanity comes to mind. Having no clue about how to publish or promote books is another possibility. If you read through the end, you may find another clue. Brownie, episode 4 of the Tracking Jane series will come out […]

Ghost Writer, now in-work again

A while back I mentioned I was working on a side story to the Our Cyber World series: Ghost Writer. Now that I’m wrapping up one novel in the same series for release in December (that would be Beisbol Libre, of course) plus a novella in the Tracking Jane series, I am starting to look […]

Review: A Good Car by Julia Proud, A Well-drawn Noir Character Study

Lately I’ve enjoyed sharing in the work of fellow indie authors, and my latest exploration brought me to Julia Proud‘s A Good Car. In this story, we meet Ed Valenti over a card table. There, half-drunk, mostly uninterested with the game and life as he’s living it, he wins an old Model T Ford from […]