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Writing Rules: some breakage may be required

Sometimes we over-talk about this rules-based stuff. Why? I think it’s easier than talking about what really matters. Don’t get me wrong. Let me get this out right up front. Rules are important to make sure we don’t hurt ourselves and others. I like rules and the purpose they serve. I really like rules that […]

How writers keep it rolling, philosophically speaking

Why do we write and how do we keep it going? To answer this question, let’s build on Descartes’ “I think therefore I am.” OK, that proves, at least to ourselves, that we exist. In turn we write because we exist: we cannot not write (Ha, take that! Double-negative!), because the mere fact of existing […]

Introducing Tahoe-1, episode 3 of the Tracking Jane series

A writer’s work is never done. I’m finding this particularly true of my Tracking Jane series. Now that Waiting for Shadow is out, I can focus on editing and putting the finishing touches on Tahoe-1. By way of intro, I’ll leave you with a snippet of Chapter 1 (still in draft, so it may change!), […]

A quick note about the Tracking Jane series

If you have been following the news, the Tracking Jane series is humming along. Waiting for Shadow is available from various eBook stores, free (forever!), and the first two episodes, Shadow-7 and Rover, are ready for downloading to your Kindle e-Reader. I will soon release episodes 3 and 4, Tahoe-1 and Brownie. I have structured […]

Waiting for Shadow going perma-free

Waiting for Shadow, as a prequel to the Tracking Jane series will soon gohas gone permanently free (a.k.a. perma-free) everywhere it’s sold. I’ve decided to do that as both a gift to my readers and to provide an introduction to the main part of the series. Notice I said “soon.” While Waiting for Shadow is […]

When the side story becomes the main story

Sometimes, when you’ve been doing something for a while, even something you enjoy, you need a break. This became the case for me two months ago, when after working hard on the Our Cyber World series, I got the idea to write a short story about a wounded Army dog handler and her wounded German […]

Waiting for Shadow, early release and download

I wanted to drop a quick note announcing that Waiting for Shadow, the prequel to the Tracking Jane series, is now available as a Smashwords free download. It is also available from the Kindle store where I hope to have Amazon recognize it as free download soon. Below I include a few details and a […]

Vote for these covers for Brownie, episode 4 of the Tracking Jane series

Today I want to share a couple of candidate covers for episode 4 in the Tracking Jane series. This episode will feature a chocolate Labrador Retriever that Jane McMurtry trains as part of a sting operation against a Mexican Cartel. Most of the action will take place along the Mexico-US border. There Brownie and Jane’s […]

Why I prefer my writing Organic

Today I address one of those topics that keeps coming among writers: pantsying vs. outlining. Or, as I prefer to term it, you know, to avoid derisive language, Organic vs. Planned writing. As the title to this post suggests, I like mine organic, than you. Why? Let’s work through a few pointers. If you want […]