Trying my Hand at a Western Novel–and Loving It!

When was the last time you did something for the first time? I probably have heard that question before. But hearing it this week, it felt fresh. It also held special meaning given how my writing has progressed of late.

Feeling a tad stale and burned out with my established series, a while back I moved more heavily into SciFi, culminating with my recent release of Quantum Law: Containment, soon to be followed by Quantum Law: Resettlement. But even that didn’t feel entirely new, so… I wrote a western!

The resulting story, now fully written as a first draft and well into its editing and revision cycle, relays a romp set in the Sierra Nevada in the late 1870s. Having always loved a good western tale, I have really enjoyed exploring this new world and the characters that inhabit it, and overall, I am greatly pleased (and relieved) to have stretched myself into this new (for me) genre.

I will have more details about this novel’s release in the near future. For now, I leave you with the working book cover and its synopsis.

Gold for Horses, a western novel by Eduardo Suastegui

A tale of gold, horses, and gunmen mixing it up in the Sierra Nevada…

When Marlene runs across a gunslinger shot up and near death, she rescues him, fearing he will bring her nothing but trouble. In the middle of her own family upheaval and the dangers it presents, she doesn’t need another worry. Knowing how to handle herself with a gun, she doesn’t need his help either. But before Marlene can prevent it, their fates will intertwine in a struggle for redemption and survival.

Update: This story is now released. Read a sample…


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