Quantum Law: Containment, Book Giveaway

To celebrate its recent release, I am giving away copies of Quantum Law: Containment. How many copies? Well, however many it takes to raffle off one copy for every ten (10) folks that sign up. And when you enter, you will also be signed up for our Reader’s Club, which will also get you future news and special offers!

Quantum Law: Containment (book 1), by Eduardo SuasteguiIn a society where artificial intelligence runs the judicial system, courts run efficiently, the poor get equal justice, human bias disappears, and law and order prevails because everything runs according to flawless logic… Or so the story goes…

Allowed to rejoin the select ranks of Quantum Law Ministry human attorneys, Jerry Simmons will soon find himself in the midst of the case for the ages. His client stands accused of hacking into secret Quantum Law Ministry vaults. The truths he has uncovered will get him a Cryo-freeze sentence, or they will bring the whole system crashing down. Partnering with a synthetic attorney, Jerry Simmons will have to decide whether to safeguard his career, or stand up for what he once believed.

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