New Release ~ Quantum Law: Containment

I am happy to report that the first book in my new Quantum Law series is now out in the wild, both in eBook and Print formats. As my Reader’s Club peeps already know (hint, hint), I am offering Quantum Law: Containment at a promotional price for just this weekend, which means, yes, today is the last day!

Now that I got through that first book publishing hurdle, I am even happier to report that the second book in the series will follow shortly. My plan right now (and plans have a way of changing!) has me releasing Quantum Law: Resettlement by September. Hmm. Let’s see how close I come to achieving that!

I thank you all for your support. Make sure to keep checking here, my Amazon author page, or join my Reader’s Club for news of future releases and special offers.

Books 1 & 2, Quantum Law, by Eduardo Suastegui

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