Dronet, a Sequel to Semi, an Our Cyber World Story

Julian Rogers had a great idea: Dronet, an Our Cyber World short story by Eduardo Suasteguinetwork a bunch of drones, and use them to deliver a Cyber payload. But the concept went nowhere for lack of Federal funding. When terrorists unleash coordinated drone attacks on the US Capitol, Julian becomes the lead suspect. Did he, embittered and frustrated, spill his idea to the terrorists? Or is he the best man to thwart the Dronet?

OK, there you have it. The idea for this story came to me as I finished Semi (which you can only download here). Busy with a bunch of other stuff, I resisted the urge to write it. But last night I gave in and wrote the first 1,100 words and the blurb/summary above. Dronet will come as a sequel to Semi and will flesh out that Julian Rogers character a little more.

What do you think? Would you read this story? Given all the recent news about drones crashing into White House lawns, it seems a little too real, doesn’t it?

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