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One Day Left in the Quantum Law, Book 1 #99cent Promotion

I wanted to make sure everyone knew: we have one day left in the Quantum Law: Containment 99 cent promotion! This is all part of the release party for book 2, Resettlement. And did I mention the print book giveaway? You can read more about this stories here…

Quantum Law, Book 2, Now Available for Preorder

I am pleased to announce that Quantum Law: Resettlement, book 2 of the Quantum Law series, is now available for preorder ahead of its September 6 release. If you haven’t gotten started yet on book 1, Containment, it’s time to catch up! To celebrate all this, I’m continuing my Quantum Law: Containment print book giveaway. […]

How it all started, how Our Cyber World got its Random

Hard to believe that over two years have passed since the release of DEAD BEEF, my first novel in the Our Cyber World series. Time flies when you’re story-telling. I’m glad to report that together with the prequel Random Origins story collection, DEAD BEEF is free this weekend. Yes, that’s right. You can pick them […]

A Day To Reflect About Those Who Sacrificed For Us

Before we enjoy an extra day off, or take advantage of a sale, let us reflect about the great sacrifice many have laid on the altar of freedom. For more background on this quote, refer to the Lincoln-Bixby letter.

A Day for Celebrating Foolishness

It seems silly, even foolish (ha!) to have a day when we celebrate foolishness. April Fools’ day is here, and all manner of energy will be spent to concoct “credible” hoaxes and clever sarcastic-filled missives in the hopes that one of them will go viral. While I usually sit on the sidelines and look askance […]

Let Hope, Renewal, and New Life Spring This Easter

What’s worse than getting up early Easter morning to news coverage of the ongoing political campaign? Doing so with a massive ear ache (yes, the antibiotics seem to be working). It’s enough to make a grown man want to write all sorts of social media messages and blog posts to wax cynical about all the […]

Virtual Identity Almost Here

I wanted to drop my readers a quick note to confirm, that yes, indeed, Virtual Identity will come out in a couple of days. It’s not too late to sign up for the giveaway of printed copies. In addition, I also wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on the introductory eBook price, which […]

When Does a Book Series End? When Should It?

Have you noticed? A lot of book series come in threes. For a Baptist that grew up loving baseball, I must confess this has a nice ring to it. The Trinity alongside three strikes, you’re out, three outs to an inning, three outfielders, and three bases before you can come home. But so far, neither […]

Foreshadowing: 3 Reasons Why I Love When It Happens

Today, hopefully without boring you, I want to talk about one of my favorite literary devices: foreshadowing. It doesn’t get a lot of press or mention in writerly circles, at least not the ones I frequent. I don’t know why. Maybe everyone’s too busy avoiding the dreaded mid-scene point of view (POV) switch, or it’s […]

Four Ways Beta Readers Help Authors

Why should authors seek Beta readers? Why set additional time aside in your release cycle to consult with a team of folks? Why go through the painstaking work of assessing, adjudicating and incorporating reader inputs? Because it helps. A lot. I’m sure there are many ways to state how Beta readers positively impact an author’s […]