Monthly Archives: March 2017

Free Story: Why El Vasco Killed a Man

Following the release of my latest novel, Gold for Horses, I am happy to announce the companion free story, Why El Vasco Killed a Man. This story provides a brief interlude between Gold for Horses and the next novel in the series. Taking place shortly after the end of Gold for Horses, Why El Vasco […]

Gold for Horses Now Out for a Trot

Wow. It’s been a long time since I sent one of these notes. But I’m glad this one comes with some concrete news. After much work and consideration (thanks to my Beta readers!), my latest novel, Gold for Horses, is trotting at an online bookstore near you. As I mentioned last year, this is my […]

#SaturdayScenes: Gold for Horses, a Western Novel

Marlene didn’t halt the wagon because she saw the bloody body. With half of the man’s head gone, she knew no amount of Good Samaritan deeds on her part would do him much good. There’d be no putting him in the wagon and taking him to an inn. No, sir. She stopped because he was […]