Monthly Archives: March 2016

Promo for Active Shooter and Pink Ballerina, The Esperanza Saga

A writer is like a parent: he doesn’t like to admit he has a favorite kid, where kid stands for character. But honesty demands it. Yes, I have a couple of favorite kids. One of them is Andre Esperanza, the lead character in Pink Ballerina and its sequel, Active Shooter. Why is Andre one of […]

Let Hope, Renewal, and New Life Spring This Easter

What’s worse than getting up early Easter morning to news coverage of the ongoing political campaign? Doing so with a massive ear ache (yes, the antibiotics seem to be working). It’s enough to make a grown man want to write all sorts of social media messages and blog posts to wax cynical about all the […]

#SaturdayScenes: Wounded Honor (Tracking Jane), Part 1

“Guess Candice knows what she speaks of,” I tell Dan. Having told the kids to scoot back in the house, and after settling down the dogs, Dan and I are standing on the porch, letting them cameras with long telephoto lenses get a solid bead on us. “I count four,” he says, referring to the […]

#DidYouKnow? Waiting For Shadow Hits #1 at Amazon

After a brief hiatus, Waiting For Shadow returned to perma-free status yesterday on Amazon, and today it’s number 1 in one of its categories! A big thanks to everyone who picked a copy! If you haven’t started on the Tracking Jane series yet, this might be a good time to get started, especially since… [drumroll] […]