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Virtual Identity: What Readers Are Saying

Reader reviews for Virtual Identity are coming in, and I am pleased to find that readers are connecting with the story as I hoped they would. Virtual Identity probably stands as one of the most intricately complex stories I’ve written. I did a fair amount of hand-wringing, wondering if it would work, primarily, whether the […]

#SaturdayScenes: Virtual Identity, Part 6

AT LEAST PHYSICALLY, SANDRA WAS feeling better by the time the tall crew cut guy walked in the room. She attributed her tenuous comfort not only to her leather outfit, but to the room’s rising temperature. On her face she could feel the warm draft blowing out of the overhead vents. “Rod,” he said, holding […]

Virtual Identity Almost Here

I wanted to drop my readers a quick note to confirm, that yes, indeed, Virtual Identity will come out in a couple of days. It’s not too late to sign up for the giveaway of printed copies. In addition, I also wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on the introductory eBook price, which […]

#SaturdayScenes: Virtual Identity, Part 5

Agent Rodrigo Ochoa stood next to Cynthia, on edge, doing his best to ignore her nudging—her veiled ridicule—knowing she could use it to mask her prodding. He had to keep it together, no matter how he felt about Sandra and how they were treating her. “You like her, then,” Cynthia said. Ochoa mulled that over […]

Celebrating Virtual Identity Release With Book Giveaway

To celebrate the upcoming February 18 release of Virtual Identity, I am offering one free printed copy for every ten (10) readers that sign up. Interested? Sign up for the book giveaway here: To get a preview of the story, check out my Samples page.

Getting Tracking Jane, Episode 7 Ready for Beta Readers…

With Virtual Identity all set to come out on February 18, I have turned my attention to Wounded Honor, episode 7 of the Tracking Jane series. I am currently in the middle of a furious pass through the latest draft before I hand it over to my Beta readers… next Monday! I better get to […]

Review: The Somniscient, by Richard Levesque

I picked up The Somniscient, by Richard Levesque, looking forward to an interesting read. After enjoying his prior work in Strictly Analog, this story’s blurb promised more of the same fun insight. In general I wasn’t wrong. I will note at the outset that in places, the story lagged a bit. Starting with a tad […]

#SaturdayScenes: Virtual Identity, Part 4

Sandra eyed the coffee mug before reaching for the bag. Shaking, she dumped its contents on the table. She would’ve said something about not recognizing them as her clothes, but Cynth slid a key across the table. “You will need this.” Sandra frowned. “Oh, right.” She grabbed the key. Still shaking, it took her a […]

When Does a Book Series End? When Should It?

Have you noticed? A lot of book series come in threes. For a Baptist that grew up loving baseball, I must confess this has a nice ring to it. The Trinity alongside three strikes, you’re out, three outs to an inning, three outfielders, and three bases before you can come home. But so far, neither […]