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An Author’s Musings Turned Into Sayings

An author-writer constantly dreams of clever phrases. Well, at least yours truly does. Sometimes these make it into one of my stories. Other times I share them as standalone thoughts and quotes on social media, sometimes tagged as a #foodforthought #quote. After collecting these for a while, I thought I’d share some of my favorites […]

Fleeting Shadow, a Tracking Jane story for mail list subscribers

As I’ve reported previously, I plan to release Fleeting Shadow, a Tracking Jane story I will make available exclusively to my mail list subscribers. Subscribe now to qualify! Fleeting Shadow will cover the period between Rover and Tahoe-1. It will portray Jane’s struggle with PTSD and her dog Shadow’s health, and it will introduce a […]

Character-driven Insight for Thrillers

What inner struggles is my character facing? How have past experiences brought him to this point, and how do they affect the way he views his present situation? How can he express his views on something in a way that won’t bore the reader? These are the questions I ask myself as I write character-driven […]

Sometimes Drafts Need to Simmer: Recombinant

Has it been a year since I posted about a draft’s second wind? Why, yes, almost down to the day. Since then, I’ve had a few “distractions.” Twelve titles in all kept me busy. And that draft needed some work, which is no surprise since it has waited for over a decade in my digital […]

Refining my Book Blurbs

To answer a question someone asked me about how I devise my book blurbs, I will contrast the concept-based blurb vs. the character-based version for Decisive Moment. Plus I show off an updated cover! First of all, if you’re looking to me, you know, like I have this wired and dialed-in down to the nanometer, […]

The Tracking Jane synopsis, in her own words

Will a gal with PTSD in the brain and legs chopped up at the knee make it? Will she grab herself a shred of the American dream? Yeah, maybe. Yeah is for keeping a positive attitude, maybe for knowing in life nothing’s for certain. Given my usual insistence on privacy, some may ask why I’ve […]

The Tracking Jane series in 8 Questions & Answers or Less

From time to time I get questions from readers and reviewers about the Tracking Jane series. I thought I would compile and address them all in one neat blog post. 1. Where did you get the idea to write about a wounded vet, dog trainer? For a long time, watching stories of wounded vets coming […]

Not so big news: updated Twitter account

With this post I’m killing two birds (pun intended!) with one stone: I’m letting you know that have updated my Twitter handle to (was: imagesbyeduardo, a left-over from my photography days), and I am also checking out my connectivity between my blog and my Twitter account. Now I’m off to see what else I […]

Fleeting Shadow and a #TrackingJane update

In case you haven’t gotten word via my social media posts, I have recently completed a short[er] story in the Tracking Jane series that I will make exclusively available as a free download to my mail list subscribers. That’s right. You can only get it when you subscribe. I know, mean, huh? Changing the subject… […]

The dynamics of followship: 3.75 key observations

Who’s following me? Back where I grew up (Cuba), this question came with fearful connotations. Living under surveillance can unnerve you. The same can happen if someone freaky follows you along a dim-lit New York street, I suppose. But these days, many of us treat and chase after having followers–the more the better–as a hallmark […]