Monthly Archives: November 2014

Beisbol Libre coming soon

Hope you enjoyed that brief teaser. Beisbol Libre will be the fifth book in the Our Cyber World series. Sign up to my mail list to qualify for a free preview before its release on December 30th. Here’s a quick blurb to whet your appetite. Synopsis Cuban baseball star, Camilo Ornedo was about to defect […]

This Thanksgiving, how about we—Give Thanks!?

Another Thanksgiving Day looms near, and here I am, once more swirling with thoughts of a family get together, lots of snooze-inducing turkey, and all the things I can get done over the long weekend (no, not shopping, please)! But wait. I’m missing something. Again. OK, OK. I know it well. I should be thankful. […]

Tracking Jane series, episode 5 cover previews

Sometimes I need a visual cue to get my writing rolling. Last night I drafted the first paragraph of episode 5 of the Tracking Jane series. As part of the overall concept, I went ahead and mocked up two book covers as well. I don’t know that these will be the final versions (they seldom […]

Would you abandon a strong voice because of bad grammar?

Recently, I took a big chance with the protagonist of my Tracking Jane series. I gave Jane McMurtry a strong, regional voice. Though she has an English degree, part of her character rebels against correctness of many sorts, including the sort imparted to her inside a classroom. And she talks as she wills. That’s part […]

Beisbol Libre: When the Story won’t write itself

A while back I reported that my stories were writing themselves. I had that experience with Decisive Moment first, and more recently, with the Tracking Jane series. Well, until the last episode took a little pushing. Why? Because not all stories write themselves. In fact, I count my blessings when I have one that does. […]

Tahoe-1, episode 3 of the Tracking Jane series released

Today the Tracking Jane series continues with Episode 3, Tahoe-1, now released for Kindle. To download it, click on the graphic below to access the Tahoe-1 Kindle page, and pick up your copy today. If you haven’t already, sign up for our mail list to stay abreast of future announcements.

Because I want you to read them

Why would an author give a book away? Why would he he do it permanently or over long periods of time? Won’t that devalue his brand and work? I must admit it does still strike me as a little crazy, this giveaway thing. But a part of me loves it. Maybe it’s because it helps […]

Driven to Write musings from my morning commute

I find few things in life as frustrating in their wastefulness as grinding along in gnarled traffic. I had one of those experiences this morning. Instead of muttering about it, I turned the long moments into an opportunity for reflection and self-expression. We flow along rivers of concrete and steel; We the successful, ground to […]

Always a Work in Progress

If it is true that we are all works in progress, the writer never ceases to have a #WIP going. Now that I’ve completed 4 episodes of the Tracking Jane series, and though I have a fifth one rattling in my brain, I am going back to some unfinished business in my Our Cyber World […]