Monthly Archives: January 2014

A draft’s second wind

This morning I went back to my old computer files to dust off one of my draft novels. I’d put it off for fear of seeing the depths of my ineptitude when I last gave this writing thing a try only to give up in dejected frustration. I learned a few things. First, man, that […]

Short story: Active Shooter

I’ve just posted new short story titled Active Shooter. Check it out and let me know what you think. Synopsis: Andre Esperanza graples with the unwanted fame his intervention to halt a terrorist attack brings him. He reluctantly grants a network interview, only to have the reporter snoop into parts of his life he’s long […]

Creativity and its Creator

Lately I am increasingly facing the realization that for evidence of a Creator I need look no further than my own creativity. Oh, I’ve read a fair share of books presenting this or that other apologetic. Given my engineering background, the design argument used to hold a lot of appeal. All of those arguments seem […]

Inspiration and Spanish Omelettes

A few days back, while writing a chapter for one of my in-work novels, my protagonist cracked some eggs, diced and whipped up a few ingredients and cooked a Spanish Omelette. Well, add this to the things I love about writing: I finally got the courage to cook up one of these. Add this also […]

What we read and how we read it

I just read another article about the pros and cons of reading printed books vs. e-readers. Actually, it’s a head-to-head column worth the read, but which in the end leaves me as dissatisfied as prior, well, reading experiences. And that’s a nice segue-way, because that’s essentially where the column places the focus — on the […]