Monthly Archives: December 2013

Find that driving Voice

Haven’t you heard? Agents are looking for writers with a strong voice. As I shop and submit my work through the usual wickets, I keep reading statements like that and have to wonder whether we’re hearing — and reading — voices in all the wrong places. Why do I say that? One simple statement guides […]

A thousand words and word pictures

A colleague once told me that while it may be true a picture is worth a thousand words, a bad picture causes a million questions. This and my exploration of story-telling through imagery, namely photography, and creative writing, with a mixture of essays — mostly about photography — and fiction has led me upon more […]

Short story: Emergence

I’ve just posted new SciFi short story titled Emergence. Check it out and let me know what you think. Synopsis: Two cognizant, self-aware expeditionary robots descend to earth on an expedition to recover lost records and other archeological evidence that may shed light on their origins. Their directive precludes them from contact with the remnant […]

Launching the Eduardo Suastegui Writing site

Well, I finally broke down and decided that in addition to my photography site, I am up to managing another website, this time focusing on my writing efforts, which, who knows, may turn into a bit more than a passtime. As time and keystrokes give way to sentences, paragraphs and completed pieces, I will post […]